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Surah Al Hijr - Beautiful Quran Recitation By Saad Al Ghamidi - Part 2-.

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THE GLORIOUS QURAN IS THE ETERNAL MIRACLE OF ISLAM The Quran is the eternal miracle of Islam. The Quran is the Word of Almighty Allah and His Last Book revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) for the guidance of the entire humanity. It is the complete and best guide for living life and seeking Allahs Good Pleasure. The teachings of the Quran are universal, addressed to all people throughout the world regardless of their creed and color. They enlighten mans soul, purify his heart, condemn all wrongs, order good deeds and call for the establishment of justice and fraternity through obeying Allah as the Supreme Authority. The Quran provides the regulations that create the proper relations between man and Allah, and man and man. It leads man to understand his role in this world, encourages him to think and ponder, and guides him in the usage of natural resources. In short, the Quran provides all the guidance that humanity needs. Without the guidance of the Quran, humanity would still be groping in the darkness of ignorance. The Quran includes all what man needs in matters of belief, religion, behavior as well as the basics of social life like the dignity and freedom of man. It also includes the basics of equality and cooperation among people. The Noble Quran tells us many stories of previous nations and how they treated the messengers. These stories work as warning and lessons to Muslims. The Quran also includes reference to several of...

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